I Choose Mother Earth.

Give me skis I'll tear up any slope, give me a board I'll jam and dance on the mountain, let me ride a bike I'll go miles and lose myself, let me walk with my pack I'll end up in another city. I spent my life running away, and sometime up and down mountains because it feels right. Now I am faced with the question chase my dreams or settle down and leave them behind, she wants me to go East where my pain has thrived for so many years while I ran away. I do not know whether to tell her I love her or hate her for making me choose between my love for adventure and life or her. People say its immature to chase a dream, my dream is real and still exists, Ill chase it to the ends of the earths, but right now I do not know how to deal with the pain of a mundane life of a suburban life. Im going back to my mountains someday and hopefully I'll discover what and who I will become, till then I have to make a choice love her or continue on my way to the mountains oceans deserts and forests. But by choosing her I dont only choose her I choose my family I choose a 9-5 job I choose debt and bills. My decision may be clear but it hurts to think of what I have to do before I leave.

User Comments

I hope that whatever decision you make gives you the life that you want. Chasing a dream isn't immature, if it is what you want I hope you achieve it.