Life Poem

The wheel of life is always turning

Year by year I continue learning.
I've had SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy) from birth, a slow progressive disease
But that didn't hold me back. I always tried to achieve.
From youth to my teens I made many great strides
I learned how to walk, dance and drive.
My final year of high school life was grand
I had a great job and many life plans.
That winter I had a really bad fall
I fell and broke my femur and life started to stall.
My disease quickly progressed, putting me in a chair
I gave up on most things and thought life was unfair.
With my world crashing down I was young and stupid
I stopped thinking of a future and began to live life deluded.
I still had my driver's license and car
I had a great time with friends and traveled near and far.
Life started to become a party for me
Lots of great times living careless and free.
As the years went by, my disease still progressed
I had to give up my license and became really stressed.
I started abusing drugs to escape my sadness and pain
I started to throw my life down the drain.
There were many years of abuse before something finally clicked
I came to realize I was killing myself, not slow but real quick.
I was able to free myself from the abuse
But felt numb to the world and couldn't break loose.
I had really bad withdrawal and suffered with anxiety
I sunk deep in depression and became withdrawn from society.
It was a time in my life I felt so hollow and frail
Like a boat in the ocean that couldn't sail.
Every now and then you find true friends
Their kindness and caring help you begin to comprehend.
I had one good friend who truly remained
He would come to visit and helped me stay sane.
After a few years I met another true friend
Her smile and caring helped put me back on the mend.
Sometimes all it takes is a caring friend and a smile
It can make you see life's not so bad and still worthwhile.
If I could start over again, I wouldn't change a thing
I learned many great lessons through all of life's stings.
When I was at my lowest I studied the Bible
I was looking for an answer for all my life's trials.
Most of my life I had no true belief or faith
In my struggles and sadness I learned of God's grace.
I know this was all something I had to go through
It made me faithful, wise, strong and changed my world view.
I still get stressed as my disease starts to progress
But I've learned to smile and not regress.
A great lesson in life is very simple but true
Believe in yourself, and don't let your troubles get the best of you.
Over the past year I am happy and feeling alright
I even found a hidden talent. Who knew I could write?


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