Just want to quit

I've worked for the same company for the last five years. Its a small family run business, there is only me and one other guy that aren't directly related. My boss has always been unpleasant, I've worked for other small companies and its been nowhere near as bad. He yells at me, throws things at me and is generally abusive towards me.

Because ive been there for so long i've gotten used to it. I don't even react any more. I know its not right but ive just put up with it and thought of the money. Last few times there have been problems or issues with things going wrong ive reluctantly brought it to his attention. He loses it and starts yelling Fuck You and telling me im an incompetent piece of shit. The errors weren't even mine! Then starts throwing stuff around the office.

Because it is such a small company there is no HR to speak of, no way of reporting this. Im stuck. I dont want to have to put up with this for much longer. Its just ridiculous. I think I should just leave, quit and tell him to go fuck himself but thats not my style.

So I keep going in keep putting myself through this bullshit day in day out when all I want to do is quit. Id tell anyone else to just leave but I am stuck in this shitty job until I can find something else and it is driving me mad.


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