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Anxiety is it a chemical imbalance in the brain, or is it something different, tonight someone I love who I have a complex relationshp in the world with, tells me I have never been quite there, even though I have worked all my life, until recently when I took a new job on and I HAD to leave it due to my anxiety levels screaming at me, and now following the path to get help. Is this mental health, is it deemed of not coping what impact will this have on my life, why am i like this, I have suffered with depression and anxiety many times in my past, I didnt think it would happen again. I really dont know if I am coming or going now, crying all the time, what is wrong with me?

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hey - for me its a constant battle and I have learnt how to manage depression and anxiety - it might be the same for you.  the thing i found was to recognise all the symptoms as a sign of the imbalance and not beat yourself up for feeling that way. Have you seen a professional? They can help you, trust me it seems hard but it changed my life so it might help you.  Stay strong