It Can Get Better.

I wanted to post a message on here to all those who are struggling.  I know how you feel and I know how hopeless things can seem.  I was in that position myself, couldn't see the point or purpose of my life - no will to continue.  I knew how I felt wasn't right and was envious of those who carried on through life seemingly with no cares or worries.  Something inside me clicked at some point and I decided that I, and only I, was responsible for my happiness.

I could continue to dwell on the past, feel hopeless and give in to things that had caused me pain.  Or I could start to believe in myself and believe that I was worth fighting for.  I chose the latter and took total responsibility for my own self worth and self belief.  Things happen slowly but if you realise that you are the one responsible for your own happiness and your own reactions to situations, you take back some of the control that you have lost.

If I can do it anyone can do it, trust me.  I have managed to use events that previously would have spiralled me into a deep depression into things to learn from and grow.  I'm not saying its easy, in fact its probably harder than I realise but slowly I make progress.  I know that others can too so I thought I would share with you that you are not alone and you are worth fighting for.

It can get better. I am living and surviving proof of this and if this makes a difference to how one person feels about themselves then it will have been worth it.

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