The world's end

I wish the world ended today.

All at once. Without crying, without screams, whitout any warning beforehand. Just shutting itself down, in silence. And silence. And everything is gone, everyone is gone, there's no more sadness. You can't hear people bawling nor crying for their loved ones. We would all go at the same time, no one would miss anyone. I wouldn't have to miss that boy who broke y heart three years ago and planted the seed of depression and anxiety in me. I wouldn't have to miss my mother, who is terribly sad and doesn't know what to do with her life, in a different city, all alone with my workaholic father. I wouldn't have to think about my young, beautiful aunt, diagnosed with cancer and unable to have kids. I wouldn't have to think about my brother and his perfect life. Nor about that girl who used to be my best friend, the one I kissed one night and loved for many years, but could never make it work because we didn't communicate. The same one who totally moved on and erased me from her life completely, the one who laughed at me when I told her I missed her, the one who rapidly replaced me and only thinks of herself. I wouldn't have to think of the best friend who changed his mind at the flip of a coin, who never remembered me when it came to do things, who never seemed to really care about anything but himself. I wouldn't have to work whole nights on essays and papers I don't even like, I wouldn't have to push myself trough a degree I hate which will get me nowhere in life.

Everything would be so easy.

I wish the world just ended.

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Are you able to change the subject you are studying?  It might help you, if it was something that you were more motivated to do.  Sorry you feel this way, hope you feel stronger soon.