Friend's relationship

My girlfriend and I brok up after 8 months and are trying to be friends. I've always been friends with one of her closest friends and (her friend) was there for me when we broke up. I never had any thoughts about it when we were dating and this friend is another friend's ex. After we broke up I began to have feelings for her but my ex found out and was devastated. I've always been someone that ties to make everyone else happy even if it kills me so I said I wouldn't ask her out until (my ex) moved on. I asked my friend if he was okay with me possibly dating his ex and he said it was fine. I waited and eventually my friend asked her out and they got back together. It's been 3 months and I still have feelings for her and don't know what to do. I feel horrible about it like I've betrayed my friend. Please help 

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Hello - Sorry you feel so bad about this. I can tell you are really torn up about this. Are you able to remove yourself from the situation for a while? Go no contact and try and get some space between you and the situation? Its all i can think that might help, give you space and time to move on and then it won't be so hard later.