BF left abruptly, I took him back :(

He left this summer after I put his son out for being in a gang - fearing for me and my son's safety.  I was devastated emotionally- felt abandoned and fell into a deep depression. Gained weight, cut off my hair.  We got back together a few months later, but I'm finding it hard to forgive and move on to more positive things in our relationship. Thinking maybe I need to dial it back and just date him while I sort out my emotions.  I feel sad and frustrated... angry too... I don't think I should have taken him back and tried again.  The relationship has promise but will take a lot of work that I'm not sure either of us is cut out for.  Depressing.  I'm trying to rally and be present for myself and my son, but it's hard... 

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If you are not sure that you have done the right thing, sorting out your emotions and looking at things when you are more clear will help you decide what to do.  If you know deep down it isn't for you then in my experience, it will only come to a head at some point.  When I was in a situation like this, the anger I felt was actually at myself for allowing it to happen, it might be similar for you - I don't know. I hope you and your son are ok and wish you well in the future.