Things Do Get Better

I've been in a long distance relationship for six months now. We've had a lot of trouble trying to keep up with everything emotionally (at least I have) and it's definitely been a struggle. I have found that there are many days where I don't know if it's honestly worth the effort. But I'm just here to let everyone know right now, it gets better.

My boyfriend and I dated for exactly two years before he left (he moved two days after our 2 year anniversary). He was living in Colorado only an hour away from me, us able to see each other every week. And then his life decided to take him to Texas so he could start his life there and gain cheaper training for his career. it hasn't been easy and I was more depressed during the process to getting there than I have been since he's moved. If I had seen a therapist they would have put me on some kind of medication. I wasn't getting out of bed and I wasn't wanting to go to work, I was crying constantly thinking about it and I couldn't really eat anything. But since he's moved it's been much easier accepting the fact that this is our life now. And everyone on here has to understand that it can work.

I never believed that I would be able to do this. He's the kind of person that can do the long distance fairly easily, he's fine as long as he knows we're fine and he has me. But I on the other hand have a much harder time because I value quality time and physical touch. I can tell someone loves me by how much they hold me, touch me, kiss me. And to not have that, it's awful. So if I can make it this far so can you. Sometimes there are other aspects like any other relationship will have that shows you you two aren't meant to be together. Just don't let it be the distance that prevents you from having the best relationship of your life if you believe that's what it has the potential to be.

You'll always have your down days but you'll have those great moments too. Like when he calls you on Skype right before work or class and you get to start out your day talking to the person you're in love with. Can't that be enough sometimes? It's definitely going to be hard, just make sure it's worth it. Enjoy the good moments, and communicate through the bad. Just like any other relationship. Love, and be loved and know that things really do get better.

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