I'm really, really scared these feelings are never going away. I want to be happy and alert again. I don't want to struggle with these feelings of hopelessness and misery and barely being able to tolerate the presence of the people I love. I'm so, so scared the depression is going to ruin my relationship with my SO- not on his end, I'm afraid it's going to get to the point where I can't enjoy being with him because I can't enjoy being with anyone. I'm scared this is going to affect my future and plans of going back to school. 

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Hey :) I'm sorry you feel so bad. I suffered from depression very badly and I understand how you feel. The fear of the depression is almost as bad as the actual impact of it. For me it is a constant presence but something that I manage on a day to day basis. Have you seen someone about it? It really helped me adjust how I think and start moving forward.