I think I figured it out

So for the last few weeks I've been struggling with the fact that I like this girl, but am not feeling much romantically.

This was tearing me up because I felt like it was all going to go to pot because I'd end up hurting her because I love her, yet don't feel in love with her.


But then I realised something interesting.

I normally watch how my parents interract with each other. They never seem to be in love, yet the fact that they're still together and happy after 28 years is testament to the fact that they do love each other.

So I got thinking. Maybe, just maybe, I'm focusing on how I feel (Or rather how I don't feel) too much.

I think that friendship is what romantic relationships are based on.

The friendship that the couple show each other produces love, and that love is sometimes manifested through romantic gestures, or through the very fact that neither person leaves the other, out of happiness and commitment.

Peoples feelings change all the time.

For instance, my parents can get annoyed, angry, upset, or frustrated with each other.

But rather than separating because they got annoyed/angry/upset/frustrated with each other, they stay together because deep down they're still friends.

The love comes back. It isn't an unhappy relationship, I can see that, I see it every day.

I was talking to my barber the other day about relationships, and she said that over the course of her life, she's felt that love comes and goes, but that the thing that holds two people together is close friendship.

So maybe relationships aren't necessarily based on feelings like love, but rather a strong connection, like friendship?

Let me know what you think. It brought me some peace of mind, so maybe this might help others.


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