what being homeless taught me

ive been homeless for about 2 months in college, but now i got my apartment and stuff. since my downfall, i have come to notice tht my generation is really ignorant and ungreatful for anything they recieve. in fact i have noticed tht most girls go for the rich guys. since my homelessness, i havent been able to trust anyone, nor let anyone into my bubble. i find it hard to have friends, or a relationship. i still see my self as a scumbag. an underdog. idk how to let a person in my heart, or to see my sensitive side. what is wrong with me? Even before i was homeless, i was betrayed by my friend over the girl i loved. and i have been betrayed by family, and friends. idk what is wrong with me

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Be easier on people in general, and try to learn to see yourself in a more forgiving light. You're applying how you see yourself to other people... or maybe the other way around, I'm not sure; point being, you're in an awful spot, but you need to learn to accept and understand -- yourself, as much as anybody else, because you deserve that. You deserve to be understood and accepted, for who you are, by you yourself.


You definitely need to love yourself more. People are complicated. They're not at all simple. I don't think young people today are completely ungrateful so much as they are uncomprehending of other peoples' situations -- and of what life used to be like. And, y'know, being young today has its own challenges. Financial security, home ownership, bills, tuition... these are headaches that older generations didn't have the same level of trouble with. Some of the most basic concerns used to be a lot easier until very recently.