Waste of space

I live with my disabled parents that dont speak english, I tell myself that I don't have a job because I want to stay home and care for them. My older brother financially supports us, so that's ok. But am I doing this for them? Or am I just hiding away in fear from people? Am I just wasting my life away trying to avoid people?

I was bullied for being fat, having thick and bushy brows, for talking with an accent, for having hairy arms, for having thick and wild hair that was always between curly and frizzy. It got to the point where I just wanted to disappear. I hate talking with people. I hate being looked at.

I want to get a job. I want to help my parents. I want to be confident.

But I can't.

I can't talk with people. I can't help anyone, let alone myself. And I can't see myself as anything more than a waste of space.

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Are there any jobs you can do locally that you would be comfortable with? If you want to change, you will need to take action - as hard as it seems it will be something you are pleased to have tried. You are not a waste of space, you are just overwhelmed and unable to decide what to do :)