inferiority of height took me

it all started with me being few inches shorter than my pals from my childhood days.i was better in all other aspects but this lack created a serious diffidence in my personality .i started fearing people laughing kver me and created doubts in my mind about my went with me as life moved on with the hope that one day i would be as long as any average adult.i used to fear about my mistakes ,how can i afford to mistake.reached college with chronic headache and below average height still hoping for that day of equals.this had a impact on my social behaviour.with weakened personality and mentality had wrong choices annd decisions in college which only weakened me further .lost my ability to concentrate and social fears had started entering into me.

friends making names would make me feel embarasses about myself and it went in my head for years .not able to open up freely in group

made bad career choices and entered into isolation from my network which soon would convert into depression and anxiety disorder which galloped all hard work i did im my past years.

it took me time to understand what was happening inside me .today i am still fighting with it  with the belief that soon i ll be over it.

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