Attention Whore or depressed?

I have been feeling depressed ever since two years ago and I sometimes take online tests to see if I really am depressed and they all say that I do severe or not. But I always have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that im just being an attention whore and making a bigger deal out of things in my life than they really are. I havent even told anyone or done anything that would make people think im depressed but I still feel like im somehow being an attention whore by being depressed. Am I?

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Depression is a difficult thing to deal with and if you are struggling it is always best to get some professional help.  Is there anyone near to you that you could go and see?


When it comes to situations like these... There's no such thing as an attnetion whore. Odds are something has happened, either physically or mentally or emotionally, and you just want somene to recgonize that and work through it WITH you.