Working here is depressing

I feel like I have wasted so much of my time and life in pointless worries and now I'm at an age where I'm at a job that gives me no meaning yet I am a corporate slave because I need the money to sustain myself.  I am no stranger to depression and attempted suicide and don't want that route again, and I know I wold be much happier if I worked at a place where I didn't have to spend almost 2 hours of my day driving, and then doing dead end things that are ultimately not appreciated by the corporation, not being valuable to myself nor contributing to society, and then too dang tired to do anything about it.  wah wah wah - at least I have a lot of creature comforts.  I'm just blathering on because I found this site and am avoiding depression at work.  I do hate this place, but I hate to let it be known because it adds to our whole low morale thing here.  We've had a lot of layoffs and I know I "should" be grateful I still have a job, but I want to live a life with meaning - especially when there is so much work to be done. 

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