I scared my friend off.

I scared my friend off. At least I thought he was my friend, but now I'm not sure anymore. There was a time when I knew that I could call him for anything, but I don't think so now. We were close - we worked together and spent most of our working hours in each other's vicinity. Eventually we started texting in the evenings and on the weekends. It was never hours and hours of texting, but it was consistently everyday. Then it turned to flirting and escalated from there until one night of hours of sexting. I admit I was excited and thoughts of a relationship beyond just friendship filled my brain. But after that night he didn't want to see me anymore. I didn't play it cool. Instead I let him know that I missed him and felt neglected by him. We still exchanged emails and texts every day, but that has slowed too. It has now been six months since "that night" and we only talk every few weeks. It feels like the only time he reaches out is if he needs something, but maybe that is b/c he thinks anything else is inappropriate. At least that is what I sometimes tell myself. When we do spend time together it is wonderful and just like the good old days, but then it is over and I don't hear from him for weeks - unless I reach out to him. It makes my heart hurt. And the thought of him working with another woman the way he and I used to be is almost more than I can bear. I feel like I need to cut off all contact with him in order to get over him, but this scares me b/c I don't want him to just shrug and say "oh well." But I guess if he does that then I really have my answer. This is new territory for me and I don't want to do what I think I should. 

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Doesn't seem to me like you are getting much out of this, he is.. I guess you have to evaluate exactly what is going on here and if this guy actually deserves the effort and hurt that you are going through.