I am struggling today right now i feel hopeless earlier i felt mad. I am very interested in getting some help but i am currently deployed and the base i am on does not have any services for it. On top of all this i am having issues at home with my girlfriend. 4 days ago she told me that we can not be together again until i get my anger under control. I feel terrible because i will flip in an instant from happy to furious. She has dealt with it a lot and i have tried to research help and tips to control anger but nothing seems to help. I don't want to be this guy who yells all the time who is always mad about nothing and that is the current stage i am stuck in. So my gf broke up with me then friday night she decided to sleep with someone else so that has set me into a spiral i am dying inside i feel like i am barely holding on. It is not technically cheating but she told me she wasn't going to pursue anyone else and wouldn't be open to any advances from anyone else. I have dramatic mood swing like right now this message is everywhere. I just want to hurry up and get to my new base in 3 weeks so i can seek out help and get my life in order. I am terrified of the way people are going to look at me but i feel like i need to ignore that. I just need to find out if i am bipolar or just a chronically depressed person or just have anger issues. I want to get it all under control and get through these issues with the woman i love i know it may be hard times ahead but i want this and i want a future with her as a better man

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Have you spoken to a professional about your anger problems? They will be able to help you adjust your thinking and make the anger less of a controlling part of your life.