No good deed goes unpunished... Right?

So today, I just had to try and do something I thought was something nice. I had gone to my new job this morning and on my way home thought I'd pick up my wife's computer from being fixed. However she said she was mad cause some the employees have been rude about it all and she wanted to yell at them. Then when she sees it doesn't look like everything got transferred over she jumps on me about why I didn't check everything, and I mean everything. That she has to redo abunch of stuff since I didn't check it all which is mainly install and log back in... But wait since I said it was a girl I talked to I get accused of flirting and being way to nice to her with everything... I might already be loving my new job but it doesn't feel like when I try and do anything else that it's right like I get told I have no respect for what someone else wants or dont care  about what they want or them... I am more and more at times just getting to hate myself cause it never seems like what I try and help with is really good cause I didn't ask or they wanted to do something else I didn't know of... As this is No Good Deed Goes Unpunished becomes very true and even then it wouldn't matter, I might as well do nothing unless told or I ask someone... But wait more then half the time I ask an opinion and it comes down to they don't care or whatever you want... Great to know cause they'll just get pissed anyways... I mm I just wanna give up

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Sounds pretty bad to me, I'm sorry you are feeling this way especially as you are well intentioned. One thing that helped me when dealing with the behaviour of others was realising that it is more a reflection of their state of mind than anything I had ever done wrong. Kind of a projection on to someone else to avoid dealing with their own issues. Really helped me be less affected by others and their behaviour so it might help you too.