Future uncertain

To start my point behind typing this is because I think it might help me work through it in my mind, and maybe find some advice from strangers. A little backstory I am 19 year old male and have never had a gf, for many reasons, I have zero confidence, and I am ugly as hell. I have been depressed for awhile now but the recent big thing in my life involves a co-worker of mine. He recently found out his gf has been cheating on him and is now pregnant with a kid from another that he works with on a fairly regular basis. Now another guy I work with was telling about how a past gf of his cheated on him and how essentially you can never trust a female ever. This stories with a few others I have heard have just made me been thinking. Sure there are girls I like but can you ever trust them? Yet how could someone like me even have a chance of talking to them due to the already stated reasons. I don't mean for this to sound as offensive as it does towards women, if you are offended I am sorry. But outside of never being able to trust women can you really trust anybody? Sorry for the rambling if you read it cool if not then you probably won't see this part. If you have read this than thanks for your time listening to a stranger bitch on the internet.

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