How I descended into drug dealing lifestyle making 97.50% profit margin at the age of 17.

When I was 16, I had just starting hearing about TOR and the Silk Road, I didn't know much about it and I never got involved with things like this before.

But first let me give you a little bit of information on myself.

Ever since I was younger I was obsessed with making money, I was always coming up with new schemes and scams to make money.

When I was in grade 6, I made money by selling condoms to all the try hard tough kids in the grade above me that were too chicken shit to go get their own.

In year 7 I found an iPhone, disabled it's tracking capabilities and set up a dating profile with a not so well known dating app that didn't cost a cent.

The scam was simple, I made a fake profile of chick, grabbed a few pictures off Google images and started messaging creepy old men, proposing if they sent my iTunes card codes in exchange I would send them nudes. They got their nudes, and I got my music.

It was simple, I worked out how to download music the next year but by that time I no longer had that phone.

Anyway, back on track. When I was 16 I discovered TOR and the Silk Road.

In case you don't know what either is, I'll give you a really quick summary.

TOR is short for "The onion router" an internet browser offering heavy duty security that, if set up correctly provides anonymity.

Think of 'WWW' as a network, it's not the only one, TOR is the same, websites designed for TOR can only be viewed via TOR, however you can still look at normal links.

The Silk Road was an online black market where mostly drugs where sold, shipped and delivered to your doorstep, all thanks to the crypto-currency 'Bitcoin' (Google it).

Alright, moving on. I was brought up in a middle lower class home. Both my parents didn't smoke, and the most they did was have a glass of wine at dinner.

I smoked cigarettes on and off during my youth, never for very long.

In Grade 11 was when I really got into them, it was...let's say a cheap and affordable habit.

Let me mention I live in Australia, and you normally pay $15-$25 for a pack of smokes.

Thanks to the Silk Road I started importing cigarettes from both Moldova and Ukraine. I paid $50 (including multiple currency exchange rate losses) and I got 10 packs of smokes. I sold half of them for $15 each, smoked the other half.

By the end of the day, I had 5 packs of smokes, and $75. $50 of that money went into the next carton of smokes I was ordering and then I had $25 left over.

I did that for a while, I had quite a lot of people buying smokes off me, and I was accumulating more than I could smoke, I often found myself giving away free packets of cigarettes, to both friends and unsuspecting strangers. It made me feel good, as if I had all the cards in my hands.

I loved feeling generous, but at the same time I made sure people didn't try to use me to get things for free or cheap, I was aware of those trying to do so.

I felt superior, I had what people wanted and they came to me over their tobacconists and supermarkets. Made me feel better than the people running the businesses.

After a while things caught up to me. And I had 2 thousand dollars worth of cigarettes stopped in customs. My dead drop exploded with tax notices.

But I had been careful enough for this not to be traced back to me.

It was a shock to me, I hadn't encountered this before. I had to think of a way to get around it.

It was around this time when I started to smoke cannabis, I loved it. I learnt that it wasn't the deadly life destroying, reefer that had been imprinted into our heads by last generations propaganda. But buying and selling pot was a slow way to make money, but my interest in other drugs was slowly getting bigger.

I settled on a fairly new drug called 25-I NBOMe. More commonly refereed to by the media as "Synthetic LSD" This is where I started to make money. Australia is one of the most expensive places to buy drugs in the world. Mostly because where on a island with perhaps the worlds best customs.

If I had lived in America or Canada or wherever, then I wouldn't of made this much. But I didn't and that's why I did.

I bought 100 tabs of NBOMe, and the highest quality I had ever seen (At those times) 1200ug blotters, the typical stuff was normally half that.

I bought 100 tabs for about $50

I sold each individual tab for $20.

I wasn't just selling drugs, I was running a service, they weren't just customers, they were clients. If at any time they had any questions they were more than welcome to shoot a text my way and I replied shortly after.

If they had questions on how to do it right, or what not to do all they had to do was ask.

This was fairly rare, because as soon as they bought the product off me I sent a message to their phone with detailed instructions.

My clients liked me, I had some pretty good conversations with some. And everybody seemed to like the service I was offering. Which meant I keep getting repeat business.

Not everybody was a polite and professional as me. My 2nd or 3rd day I was meeting this guy in public, in a car park. It was meant to be simple, I walked up, sold them the stuff, they gave me money and drove off.

I always handed them the gear first, never asked for the money beforehand. If I lost a few tabs so be it, they were worth a couple of bucks out of my hands. But IN my hands, they were worth a lot more, I was turning $50 notes into $2000, I was spending as fast as I was earning, never saved any, I was too busy wrapped up in my own little world, I didn't buy fancy things, I didn't want to explain to people how I was off so well when I had never even had a job in my life. I spent money on basic things, like buying lunch for myself and friends almost every day. I was having the time of my life.

Anyway, this dude turned up in this filthy 4x4 Nissan patrol. I was always careful about the cars I went up to, scouted them out first to make sure they weren't cops. Nobody suspected me of anything, I just looked like a kid walking down the street staring blankly into my phone like every other teenager, that was another reason people liked me so much, they expected me to be some huge scary looking ice-head motherfucker.

He took the drugs, got out of his car, grabbed me by the neck I said if they weren't real he'd come back to break my legs.

Another time, this guy was SPECIFICALLY asking to meet in the public toilets, inside them. I told him we would meet behind it instead. Anyway, when I get there this mid 20ies guy with a potbelly sticking out of his shirt, he wasn't even a big guy. Anyway he's like "Hey man, let's do it in there" and he turned around and walked in before I could say anything, I followed him and I swear to god I was going to get stabbed and raped. But turns out the guy was just super nervous, either that or he decided I wasn't to his rape taste. He even gave me some shrooms, and offered up a contact for a guy who supplied shrooms, I declined and regretted it later down the track.

People started to tell me more and more about how they thought I was going to be rich and successful, nobody could ever pinpoint what they thought I was going to do, but everybody just thought I was going to be rich and famous. And after awhile I starting thinking the same too.

This time one of my friends called me, he said he had a mate who wanted to buy $800 worth of tabs (I was already giving them a bulk discount from $1200)

Anyway, I rock up there an it was all sus and shit, and my mate came up to the car and I said where the money and he's all like "they think your going to take it and drive off, just come over on the oval.

It was stupid I know, We walked a little to an oval to this guy and I'm like hey and he just said "I'm not the guy and gestured to a few people sitting over on some logs.

I walked over, and suddenly one of they guys jumped up and grabbed me and held a knife to me. "Gimme the drugs" I handed it over, it wasn't worth getting stabbed and bleed out to death over some drugs".

It had been a set up the whole time, so called friend had betrayed me for drugs.

I let word get around that I would pay good money to see that pathetic little shit have a taste of his own medicine, I offered a contract on him, I wanted to look the little shit in the eyes before I had him held down and force fed the very same drugs he betrayed me for, the way I saw it, it would of been justice, if he wanted free drugs, he could have them. It wasn't that I was bothered about the drugs, I could of gotten more with another $50, it was the fact that this was somebody I considered to be a friend, who betrayed me for drugs, it was the disrespect from this traitorous scumbag.

I would of had him beaten and broken , but in the end what would of been the point. Forgive, but never forget I suppose.

One night I was sitting alone and figured I would do some tripping, so I got out some of my product and dropped 2/3 of a tab.

I sat down at my computer and watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

I was having fun so I decided to have some more, I dropped another half tab.

It was a mistake.

I overdosed/trainwrecked, I would never wish it upon anybody. Burning in hell eternally would of been better. I lost my memory temporally during the overdose I couldn't remember my name or anything about my life, I could remember how to sleep, I was on the floor having seizures, clawing at my skin. I was begging and praying to god to just kill me...Did I mention I'm a hardcore atheist.

I don't know how I survived that night, but somehow I did. The next day I quit smoking, I had 1 cigarette about a month later and I only had a few draws before I stomped it out and spat out the foul taste.

I stopped any drugs except pot after that, which I used medicinally for ADHD, and insomnia. I quit dealing completely, I sold a few to some close friends a while later, but that's because I knew them and they were trustworthy, and because I wanted to sell the last of my product and be done with it.

I later discovered I had what most people commonly mistakenly call APB (Antisocial personality disorder) but the majority of the population knows as as sociopaths.

It's quite hard to explain, but it doesn't bother me, I'm confident, I know how to get what I want, and I like to consider myself exceptionally good at manipulation which has proved to be an invulnerable tool in life.

When I Overdosed I experienced something called an ego death, and I like to think about it like this, it's as if your brain is restarted, because that's EXACTLY what it was for me, I forgot everything about my life, my name, my friends, it didn't feel like my body, it felt as if I was watching myself, but I was still there.

I remembered everything in the morning, my entire life and the night before, and I felt different. It FELT to me as a 2nd chance to reshape who I was, I might not of been able to do is physically, but I could mentally.

I SHAPED myself in to the person I am today, anything you want to do inside your mind, it's just mind over matter, I wasn't pretending to be somebody it was not, I was becoming the person I wanted to be.

Money is always on my mind, I'm smoke a fair amount of pot, both by myself and with friends and pretty much every time I get high I get ideas, it really depends on my mood set. And most of these are normal stoner ideas, and are pretty stupid (I Once said we could start a business where everybody could trade their coins for notes eg. $100 worth in coins in exchange for $75 cash.

And my mate just look at me and and said, it's called a bank. I felt pretty stupid. I won't go through my good ideas here because they haven't been done and I'm pretty sure I could get good money down the track.

After the ego death, things just made sense to me, just everything. The universe mostly, I just feel like I have a much greater connection, I no longer fear death, (No in a crazy way) When I OD'd and had my ego death, it was if I died.

I could go on for hours on my philosophical ideas, and if your in to that stuff, we would probably get along. :)

I no longer sell any types of drugs, and I would never condone it, to whomever may be reading this it is not a confession of guilt, you may not use it as evidence in a court of law.

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