I am the only open gay boy at my school

I came out on October 11th, known to the LGBTQ+ community as National coming out day. I live in a small conservative town full of hicks, cowboys, wanna be's of every type, generally speaking, not the smartest people. I am 17, the only open gay male. I am Aric. I have gotten lots of acceptance mostly from family and lots from friends. I also got a few people who never want to talk to me again because of me being gay. The gay jokes directed towards me from "friends" before I came out have since tripled. I get death glares from people at my school who are totally against homosexualality. No one has PHYSICALLY harmed me, yet I assume. I am sure it is bound to happen based on where I live. This is so far the out come of me coming out. As things progress I will edit this (if possible), or post a whole new thing. I hope you enjoyed this thingy. I know I can better word this but it is 1 in the morning so :p

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I wish you the best of luck until such time as you're able to leave that awful place. I'm glad that your family and (some) friends have been supportive, at least. Ignorance is a small-minded thing... but that doesn't make the mindless hate feel any better. Best wishes, Aric!


Hey dude! I dealt with a lot of the same when I came out as bisexual (I'm a male, now in my late 20s). I don't think it was that bad really, probably because I was dating a girl at the time and everyone could more or less pretend I hadn't said anything. I never did get beaten up, so here's to hoping for the best! Hang tough!


There's a special kind of ignorance in small, rural towns. People are used to things being a certain way. It's understandable, but not excusable... we're all capable of rising above that, it's just so easy not to when everybody else is supporting the bad behavior. Stay strong Aric, and best of luck :)


It's sad that people can be so "against" something that doesn't affect them, doesn't hurt anyone, and doesn't make a difference as to a person's overall quality (even assuming we could define such, which we can't). I hope that things look up for you in college. 


Be proud of yourself for how far you have come, I am sorry that you have had to experience all this negativity.  I hope it all gets better for you from now on.  Best Wishes.