I went 2 weeks without being depressed

I thought things were starting to get better. I made a resolution to eat well and lose weight (which im still abiding by) and i felt a big improvement in my overall mood. My lows were more of just small downers instead of crying all day and feeling like doing nothing. I was feeling good. This week my boyfriend hasnt felt good and keeps canceling plans. Monday was canceled, wednesday was canceled, thursday was cut short . And today, when i really needed to see him, he canceled. Ive been crying and upset and alone and i feel like i cant talk to anyone. I feel horrible. I just miss him so much, i have no friends to talk to, my life is pathetic, im pathetic.

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Depression for me is a constant battle, it doesn't go away but I have learnt to manage it.  I think this might be similar for you.  Once I realised that I had more control over it and could rationalise when I felt bad.  Stay strong and always look how far you have come, never look back.