Lazy or depressed?

Hi! We have a 20 months old baby. We just sold a cafe that was losing us money. Now we don't know how to earn our living, because we owe so much money. I'm tired, my house is filthy, we haven't showered for 3 weeks (when we closed the cafe)Family lives far away to help babysit, on Monday I'll have to have the courage to go if social services could give us some nappies. I feel ashamed doing that. I can't stop feeling weepy all the time. I feel like a victim, and I can't enjoy myself or the happy moments our beautiful baby gives us. Everybody tells us he is so cute, I can't feel truly happy.

User Comments

So sorry you are in this situation.  I hope it gets better for you soon, asking for help can feel hard but afterwards it never seems as bad. Hope you get the help you need.