Hell Is Home

I was the weird kid. The quiet one that didn't fit in anywhere. I was bullied, almost had my arm broken from being shoved in a locker. Freak of nature, is what most kids called me because I took meds at 3yrs old. I was in therapy at 4yrs old. I'm 23yrs old now & not much has changed. I used to go to church but I'd end up drinking after the service. I always wanted to forget the whole hour wasted from them telling me gays will burn in hell. I crashed my bike on the way home from a church service, I was sober. I got 4 stitches on my elbow, and later that night I got drunk, and stood on the bridge near my apartment. Unfortunately I didn't see the police officer, He talked to me for a good 10min and had to help me off the bridge because I was so intoxicated. I made other attempts to kill myself after that. Cutting my wrist, overdosing, I even tried to hang myself in the psych ward. 

Now I'm going to college to become a 911 dispatcher. And also going for my associates degree for Criminal Justice. Who knew? I've come a long way in life and I still have a long way to go. 

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