I'm an accident ready to die

I (F 19) have had enough of fucking life. My parents treat me like a piece of shit. I can never do anything right or do anything that makes them happy. I feel like my life is just a reminder of what a mistake I was to them. I get the blame for absolutely everything that goes fucking wrong but my brother, no hes the golden child gets away with whatever he fucking wants to. I get treated like a child – no privacy no respect or allowed out of the house on my own. I'm fucking done with it all. Im sure they want to kick me out as soon as im 18 and leave me to fucking fend for myself. Ill be better off that way anyway. At least I wont have to deal with their endless bullshit any longer. I'm sorry for wasting your time reading this. As soon as I can im off moving out and finally breaking free of their fucking hold over me.

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