Messed up big time, how do I move on?

Weird one because I know I was the one to mess up catastrophically but I still want to be with her, but she's so happy now moving on and I can't ruin that, so how do I move on?

Bit of backstory, my girlfriend and I would have been going out for three years in January, she's the best girl I've ever met, pretty, fun to be around and it was going great. THEN I MESSED UP, both being 19 we were into our first year of university, with all the new people, the new places, the INCREDIBLY heavier drinking. So one night I managed to get very very drunk (and at this point I'd like to state that I know completely and utterly that being drunk is no excuse at all) at a house party with a few others. Towards the end of the night I see myself getting drunker and drunker to the stage where it all went blank and I wake up the next day in bed. All is good you may think? Wrong, a week went by before finally meeting someone else from this party who proceeded to tell me that he saw me kiss someone from this party, but that was where it ended, he said it went no further than the snog.

Full of total regret and disappointment in myself I go on to call my girlfriend and tell her immediately what happened to which she flipped out, understandably, and hung up the phone. We have seen each other out and about since then and still text from time to time, but she has made it very clear that she is not interested.

I see photos of her out in clubs, etc and know she is moving on and I'm glad for her because I just want her to be happy. Now I'm just constantly thinking about her and depressed I ruined it, I think my main question is how do you get over someone you're still head over heels in love with after you were the one that has messed up? Thanks everyone :)

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Anon-1 So sorry to read how things developed for you. We all make mistakes. Reading your story I would ask the question. 'What made her finish it so quickly? We're there other signs? As for moving on I would ask. What am I missing? The person? Or the things we did together?' I know these aren't answers but sometimes asking ourselves the right question can help us find the answers we need to move on.