Never stop trying and lose hope.

Today, I thought of sharing a very important and life changing phase of my life. Like many young woman, I too always dreamt of getting married and start a family of my own. Lest did I know that it was not that easy like I imagined it. Getting married and having children may be an easy going for many of my friends but not for me, for sure.

I did get married to the man I loved but having kids together seemed quite an impossible job. Soon after marriage I noticed I was gaining weight at an abnormal pace. Initially I took it as a marital bliss and let it go un-noticed. But after 2 years of marriage when we started trying to have a child, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian disease. By then I started having irregular periods and had consecutive negative pregnancy test results.

Concerned, soon after we started consulting a doctor to help us out of our disappointments. He ran a few blood tests and I was detected with hypothyroidism. Along with starting thyroid medicine, I started to observe my ovulation cycle. I also had to go for an ultra sound.

Later, we went for second opinion with another doctor and she suggested we could go for Intra Uterine Insemination as one of my fallopian tubes was blocked. But somehow we were not very convinced and hence sought further opinions.

With further consultation, we came to know if my cyst could be punctured on ovaries, then I may be able to conceive. So we went for the necessary treatments and by then both my fallopian tubes were open and my uterus was also in a fine condition.

Soon after my pregnancy test result came positive. That gave us immense joy but that was not the end of our distressful journey. With more checkups and consultation, it was evident that my baby was conceived in the tube and it does not have a chance to be implanted in my uterus. This was a case of Ectopic pregnancy.

To our dismay, only after a few weeks I developed complicated symptoms and I had to go through an operation and we lost our baby. Unless operated, the fetus would have ruptured killing itself, as well as the mother. Shattered, we stopped our dreams of starting a family.

But we didn’t give up our hopes. And after coming out of the trauma and depression I was going though, I wanted to seek fresh consultation from the doctor who actually saved my life doing the operation during my Ectopic pregnancy.

With her help we undertook In Vitro Fertilization procedure, as my chance of natural conception seemed bleak. I was put on some fertility treatment and had to go through periodical tests. After trying for few of my cycles, they managed to collect some of my eggs. With laboratory process some of my eggs could be also fertilized. Since a multiple eggs were in good condition we chose to take in 2 embryos. After 9 months we gave birth to two girls. And that’s how we won our battle against infertility. So never stop trying and lose hope. Strong will and with help of advanced medical service we are very proud and happy parents now.

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Congratulations! I think it's wonderful that you were finally able to have the family you wanted. In Vitro fertilization is an often underrated miracle of modern science, but not everybody is lucky enough to have it work out for them. I'm glad it did for you. I'll bet your girls are beautiful :)


Congratulations on the successful process! Never give up on your dreams. I wish you a beautiful and happy family life for many years to come.


I'm so glad that you stuck to your dreams and you never stopped trying! I'll bet you're a fantastic mother. Please always encourage your daughters to have this kind of positive outlook!


Congratulations for marrying the man of your dreams and starting a beautiful family. I hope that you have many happy years together, and that your children grow up to appreciate the mother who tried so hard to have them.


I hope that I'm so fortunate as to marry the woman I love, someday. You deserve this :) Best wishes for the future; I hope that your family life remains as wonderful as it would seem to be already!


I'm in love, and sometimes it seems like the whole modern world is against any possibility of that working out. Your story made me smile today, and I needed that. Thank you so much.


Thanks so much for sharing! I hope to start a family someday and your account has reminded me that, no matter what obstacles might stand in the way of that, they can be overcome and the goal can be reached. 


I just want to chime in and add my thanks to all the rest for your posting this story. It put a smile on my face at the end of an otherwise stressful day. Thanks for that, and I wish you only good things for the future.


Twins? Really? That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!