How do I deal with anxiety?

Something bad happened today that triggers my anxiety. I haven't been going out much. I stay at home most of the time and nothing really bad can happen. Going out and suddenly facing something like this I just can't get it out of my head. I didn't expect it to have this impact. I do meditation and all that but its not working and isnt as easy as usual. Should I just let it pass by? Will it go on its own? What should I do?

User Comments

hey - I always find that if something is bothering me I need to regain perspective over it. Will it really matter in a weeks time? Answer is nearly always no, only matters for a few hours then I move on to the next thing. I'd approach it as a positive thing that you actually went out and that although this was a set back remain focused on the fact you managed to go out and do what you wanted to do. That way it negates the negative and helps you stay on a positive track.