so I normally do ok getting food for her, but when she has a craving it's like nothing else tastes good even if it's made good... To top this off she will at times get hungry enough to whine and groan from not eating for so long, I'll even tell her now if I'd be able to get her something but then if I can it's the attitude of f this I'll just starve at times... Or gets hungry enough to ask for anything even though I ask what she wants and when I bring whatever, I'm met with I didn't want to and it won't satisfy me but you don't care... I get being told I don't care so much even if I do care... I'm starting to believe it and don't know what to do,  also whenever I go to eat I tend to be stopped to go get something or get her more and tend to finish my meal with it getting or more likely being cold... Or other times don't even get to eat until basically they are done eating since I have to get her stuff get back up for her stuff stop eating to get her stuff... And other times I plainly don't eat because I don't have the time doing it all and or get upset... But does she notice... Most likely not... Gonna go back to doing chores I no longer get help with

good bye 

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woah this sounds tough. Its important to always take time to look after yourself as well, or you won't be able to help anyone. Can anyone help you out with the chores/caring?