I'm afraid I'd turn into no one

I'm in the process of deciding between two jobs, one that would make a good career, and one that would fulfill me spiritually. People around me support the first choice. But I'm afraid that I would turn into a corporate monster, who could have taken that job and make a mark on the society, even as a failed attempt but decided against it, and have to live with that regret forever, and never get to do anything good.

I'm miserable but I shouldn't be because I have a luxury to choose between two jobs. 

User Comments

If you believe that the second choice is the one that is deep down right for you, then do that one. I have found that whenever I compromise my inner beliefs and desires, I end up resenting myself somewhere deep inside and can never be truly happy. 

I hope you make a choice as having stuff like this playing on your mind can be overwhelming, I know I've been there. Good luck with which ever option you decide to take :)