Change the World

Anybody can change the world, because what is the world? It's what's all around you. It's how people see the reality that shapes and is shaped by the decisions that they make, each and every day. Change the way you look at things, put a smile on a friend's face, and you've changed the world -- and who is to say what change will turn out to be the most profound? 

You could make a small child smile today, and because of that smile he decides to read that book he was interested in -- the book on politics that all of his friends were making fun of him for talking about. That kid could grow up to become the right man to hold the office of President of the United States, and he could turn around and set the country on the fast track to being the production capital of the world... or something! I'm not saying that this is actually going to happen; I'm saying there's no reason it couldn't, and you've no idea what the long-term effects of your actions might be, so there's no point in judging yourself in advance. 

We really do treat ourselves too harshly. 

Today, I found a job. I had long felt like a lot of people were losing faith in me, but after finding work, and seeing how my friends and family react to me now... I realized that it wasn't my family that had lost faith in me, or the other people that I care about; it was just me. Losing faith makes failure all but a certainty. Everyone around me was still convinced that I could succeed. I was the only one who'd lost sight of that. 

Belief in yourself is all that you need to change the world, simply by being fair to yourself, and seeing things in a different light. 

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