Getting Over My Struggle

I've recently started getting myself out of a 3-year rut of depression. I've been diagnosed since 16, but the last 3 years were especially bad. I did nothing all day, spending all day in my room. I rarely ate and showered even less. Social anxiety had taken over as well so I rarely went out other than to buy drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

I took up meditation, and realized what was holding me back. I packed my stuff up, moved into an apartment with a friend in college several states away, and started attending the local community college.

I needed radical change. I needed to be thrown into the deep end of the pool to want to learn how to swim. I needed to find something I would do for free everyday, then get good enough to get paid for it. I needed to shed the self-fulfilling prophecies that led me to apathy.

I still struggle with depression and anxiety, but I accept them as a part of myself and manage through a variety of coping strategies. Now I'm a straight A student with a handful of good friends, all of whom know about my personal demons. And I'm feeling happier.  

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