Cant afford to mess up interview.

Been out of work since August last year. A long time. I've been trying and applying for everything I see. Admittedly I started off slow but i've really been trying the last few months and have had 6 interviews in the past few months. Havent got any of the jobs.

I have an interview tomorrow and I really can't afford to fuck it up. I've got barely any money left and I really need to find something. I'm insanely nervous about it as there will be lots of other people going for the job and I don't want to screw it up. I don't know what I do wrong and anxiety about it is getting the better of me.

How can I stand out from the other people? I'm desperate here so any advice is welcome. Thanks!

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Anon-1 I really feel for you (also been job-searching for 6 months+). Can't really answer your question but just suggest two things which might make a difference about how you come across: 1) Very hard to do but try not to appear too desperate or needy. 2) One way not to do so is to do your research and just imagine that you are sitting on the other side of the desk as the interviewer. From the employer's point of view they have a problem and they are simply trying to establish if you are the solution. In other words stop thinking about how much you as an employee would benefit from the job (how much YOU need and want) but imagine what it is THEY need and want and what you can offer them. Good Luck!