She had the moves

There was only one girl for me. I was straight and still have relationships with men now but one girl had my heart. I didn't feel confused and felt comfortable coming out to my friends straight away. I kept things quiet back home with the family because I didn't know how they would take it. I was happy living in our own little romantic world.

After a while pressures got the better of me, blokes telling me I wasn't gay, it was a waste of a pretty girl, that she wasn't good enough for me. The confusing, constant, inappropriate "banter" got the better of me and I left a perfectly lovely woman for a life of shit and misery.

My only regret to this day is that I let social pressures that  should no longer exist in modern society ruin the happiest moments of my life. I hope that anyone else in my situation finds the strength to over come what I could not. 



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Don't ever let anybody tell you who you are... but I do understand. The pressure can be huge, enormous, and it's constant. It never goes away. You have my warmest wishes. 


I very sincerely hope that you are able to find someone else who makes you feel the way that she did, and that this time you hang on to her. We've all got the one who got away; maybe you just weren't ready. Don't be too hard on yourself!


Ugh. Nothing is a "waste" of a person except for trying to force them into something they don't enjoy. I very sincerely, very truly hope that you are able to find happiness with somebody soon :)