i can't relationship

Hey everyone. I'm sharing this with you guys because I feel like my friends will tell me I'm being melodramatic, and i need to get this off my chest somehow. 


I'm 17 and a junior in high school right now, and last night was my prom. I asked this girl I really like, and for some reason she said yes. We sat at the same table, we talked and joked, we even slow-danced for a bit, and everything seemed fine. After a few drinks at the after-prom party, though, she more or less admitted to still having feelings for her ex. This fucked me up pretty bad, considering I had spent the last month getting to know her, talking to her every night even just for a bit, and even started growing these weird haning flowers for her, because botany is a hobby of mine. After hearing that, I proceeded to get even more plastered. I had spent the last night talking to her about really personal details of our lives, and it ended with us both promising that we could always come to the other for emotional support. I felt like, even though I was still her friend, we had a connection a bit deeper than that. But I guess not. It's 6 AM as I type this, and I got home maybe 3 hours ago. Pretty much everything hurts right now. She's in a bunch of my classes on Monday, and I hope everything isn't awkward, because I still want to continue being friends with her even if this didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Thanks for reading this far into the rants of an edgy, faux-cynical whiny bitch if you did.

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