As a Child, I Was Taught Nothing

I never learned anything as a kid. 

Oh, in saying that, I was actually taught a lot. So I guess that's not true. I was taught about English writers and basic math and social studies and... well, everything else that you were taught, I imagine, but I didn't actually learn... anything. 

Anything I was taught I could've picked up on my own through trial and error, or through a library book, if I was interested... and without any real devastating effects upon my life afterward. The same cannot be said of things like... personal finances. Buying a car. Performing basic car repairs and maintenance oneself. How to pick a college, or select appropriate courses that will look good on your record while supporting your major and being interesting... it's got to be interesting. I don't learn it if it isn't. I can't help that; I've tried. I love writing, and I love nature, but about halfway through Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman had be snoring. 

Screw Walt Whitman. 

I never learned how much an electric bill was. I used to ask my parents. They'd tell me it was none of my business. NOW they want to help me every time I stumble into a fucking bind, and they wonder why I don't want their help. I wanted it when I was growing up. I don't want other people coming in and playing papa with me when I ought to be able to stand on my own! I asked, and I asked, and I asked. I asked parents. I asked teachers. How does this work? How do I do that? And they either didn't know, or thought it odd enough that they simply forgot about it, or -- like my parents -- they said it was none of my business.

How do credit cards work? I still don't know. I've only ever had one, and I fucked up with that big time pretty quickly. I'm still a little clueless about compound interest. There are some video tutorials I've found online, for free, that explain a lot of these basic concepts, but now that I'm almost 40 I'd like to have known them before I screwed myself over financially by the time I hit 21. I was never given money growing up; my parents forgot about allowance after three months. I was charged rent from when I started working part-time at 15. Oh, if I didn't pay it, they didn't kick me out... they just hounded me for it. Every conversation would begin with how much I owed them. I was told that this was because "this is how life is, and it's best you learn now." So, yeah.

They taught me that much.

Why is this shit not taught in school? I never even saw a checkbook until I graduated high school. I screwed up bad the first time I tried to get a car loan; guess what I can't get now? Fifteen years later? 

It's taken me until I'm almost 40 to get a sustainable job that actually lets me put a little money away. I hate that. I really, really hate it.

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