My Sad and Depressing Life

I'm so depressed and discussed with myself. No one seems to care or understand. I seek help with antidepressants and having a therapist but it still don't make me feel any better just worse opening up to my feelings cause they don't give you the right type of feedback you need to move forward in life.Therapy these days are not what it use to be in the past when I was growing up. No one want to connect and relate to your needs, So how are they really helping a person, just soak you for what they can get as far as money what they charge for an hour. It's really sad what this world is coming to. No One Cares!!!

User Comments

I know how tough it can be when you are depressed, society's attitude to depression can make the situation worse.  I found that I was looking for other people to change me, when it was me who needed to change - if I hadn't I wouldn't have got any better.  If your current therapist isn't the right fit for you, maybe try a different one? I hope it gets better for you soon.