High school sucks

High school, in my opinion sucks. I'm not exceptionally good at school and it frustrates me that I feel like that. My main problem is math.

Math has never been my strong suit and everytime I fail a test, it really hurts my self esteem. I have a tutor, and my family and girlfriend support me, but sometimes I feel like I should just give up.

Exams are soon where I am from, and I've never been more stressed out. I'm pretty sure I'm failing math, and at this point, my teacher doesn't even think I will pass.

I'm just really lost and confused about what to do. I was thinking that I would start an exam schedule, but I'm not too sure about it.

If anyone could give advice, I would love it so much!


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Maybe you need to change things up with your tutor and try a different way of learning?  What ways do you learn best?  You need to leave the stress behind and focus that energy on solving the problem of learning the information.  The stress will just be hindering you.  Talk to your teacher as well, if they know you are failing and want to change then surely they should be able to help?  I wish you all the best with it.