Parents make it worse

it started like they wanted to help which was fine at first and they supported me when I was having bad days. But its reached a point where the bad days get worse as they are always saying stuff which makes it worse. Im being forced to go to college and dont understand why they think that is going to be good idea for me. It will only cause me to panic because im not in control. They think they are helping but it just makes the bad days even worse. Makes me feel bad because they try to help but are only making it a million times worse.

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Anon-1 Doing something positive with your life, like college, can help to lift feelings of depression and give you a positive focus in life. It's good for you. Honest. If you stay at home all day, you'll be even more miserable. Perhaps ask them to back off a bit? Have you tried talking to them about your problems? Would writing it out in a letter to them help? Good luck