Talking about anxiety

I've had anxiety for over a year now and its been getting worse and recently my life has become so dominated by it that I struggle to do every day things - not really something you want to experience at 15 :(

Anyway I've never told anyone about it or how I feel (my mum knows but someone else told her and shes never mentioned it to me), last night I couldnt really cope anymore and knew I had to do something, my best friend was away on holiday and had no wifi until this evening so I messaged her saying i really needed to talk to her. When she got her wifi back I decided that I had to tell her - a problem shared is a problem halfed as they say - I was shaking and felt dizzy while telling her everything but ive just finished talking to her and i feel 100x better and I've smiled properly for the first time in weeks. She didnt even give me any advice she just listened.

What I was aiming to say when I started this was however hard you may find it to tell someone you have to! It was probably one of the hardest things I've ever had to do but it is worth it, i feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know I am now a huge step closer to recovery. I know everyone always says tell someone like its easy, i have been told this many times by friends online and I've put it off for a year, and no way is it easy but you will feel 100x better afterwards.

I'm here if anyone wants to talk about anything or just wants someone to listen. :) x

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I have been through this myself ( panic attacks, social anxiety .... I could probably write a book ) The best advice I can give is:

1) When you get an anxiety attack remember that is has happened before and everything was fine, this time its going to be fine like every other. Don't try and fight the attack understand it is there and most importantly it cannot do anything to harm you.

2) Get lots of exercise, I find walking really helps, make sure you don't don't listen to any music, use the time to listen to the world and think about things. It's all about taking the world in, its bizarre but it honestly works.

It's great you are talking, keep sharing it can only help. x