Help I'm nearly 30!

I'm single. Very very single. To the point I thought of downsizing to a single bunk bed.

I didn't choose to be single. I didn't choose to move house twice in 18 months because I was horrendously dumped and my flatmate hung herself. But here I am. In albeit a much nicer flat, living with a family member and their fiance. Again highlighting how old and single I am. I know I'm not old but I feel old! I feel like I've failed and I'm not where I should be by this age.

My best friend has since been diagnosed with depression. I've helped her a hell of a lot over the past year, and put up with some real shit to be honest. I have depression myself.

My sisters both suffer in one way or another. My closest sister went through an abortion a year ago and is still dealing with the aftermath.

Something positive should happen soon right? I' have a trip to America booked for May (Just before my birthday). I for some reason I think being in another country when I turn 30 will distract everyone from it and no body will notice or expect me to have achieved anything.

I know I don't need a relationship, but I want one. And to sound like a complete narcissist I think I'm a pretty good catch! However I find myself constantly moving in circles of couples. 
I dont even know how you're supposed to meet people anymore. I'm just going to wait I think. I've had enough chasing.

I'm tired. 

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hey :) are you seeing someone about your own depression? sometimes you can get so consumed helping others you neglect yourself. I've always found when you go looking for a relationship - nada, when you decide you don't want one and focus upon yourself then bingo someone appears. Kinda ironic really. Wish you all the best x