I struggle very bad with anxiety and depression and abandonment issues. I only get to see my girlfriend on the weekend because I go to college in the next city over. When I come home I try to see her as much as I can. I saw her last night and we hung out and made out and I sucked on her boobs and all that for the first time. We were supposed to hang out again tonight. She worked all day so she is very tired especially since she didn't get much sleep last night so she cancelled on me. I know its irrational but she was being short with me when she cancelled so although I'm pretty sure she's just tired and moody I can't help but feel that it's got something to do with me. I was in a very good mood but now that she cancelled I feel very down and want to hit the bottle. She is really the only thing I have any more that I get happy about and I spend my entire week waiting to go home and see her so her cancelling was enough to put me far down. I know it's irrational and I feel like I'm being weak but I can't help it. I'm just so tired from fighting this depression and the constant knot in my stomach it doesn't take much to send me to a bad place. It's hard for me to feel loved. If she would have at least said sorry and just explained that she was tired I would feel much better but her wording it all short made me feel like shit.


I'm just so tired of feeling down. I just want to be able to be happy without having an explicit reason to be. I'm just tired of everything

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Sounds like its a communication problem, can you explain how you really feel to her? It might make it easier for her to explain when she genuinely has to cancel and make you feel less vulnerable when she does.