I messed up. I started smoking weed because of peer pressure and it really made me paranoid to the point where I went to see a psychiatrist because I thought something was really wrong with me because of how I was thinking/feeling.

I am 21 years old and I have been 100% okay my entire life, no history of mental illness or panic attacks or whatever. BUT, when I was smoking weed I felt really anxious about everything. In the first 5 minutes of seeing the psychiatrist she diagnosed me with general anxiety disorder, the problem is 1. I was high when I saw her, 2. I don't have any anxiety disorders, I really don't.

I later found of the people I was smoking with mixed some other shit into the weed as well as drugging some of the food they gave me. I naively trusted these people because I had no reason to believe they would fuck me over as badly as they did, I have cut all contact with them and no longer do any drugs.

I didn't do drugs for like 99.99% of my life, tried them out for a period of about two weeks (and half the drugs I didn't consciously know I was taking) and would never do them again. I've only seen this psychiatrist once and in the first five minutes was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, I am 100% certain that this is not a correct diagnosis and would like to get it removed from my medical records.

I'm not a stupid person. I lived 99.99% of my life avoiding stupid mistakes like this but really fucked myself over while under the influence of drugs and in the company of bad people. I am seeing the psychiatrist again tomorrow and I need to convince her that I don't deserve the diagnosis, my plan is to just come out and tell her the truth but I'm scared she won't undiagnose me. I need to get undiagnosed because any mental problems are disqualifying for the job field I have worked the last 4 years to get into and have wanted for as long as I can remember.

I have never had any problems with anxiety. The problem was I was just really freaked out because I thought my mind was messed up while I was sober, but I later found out the people who I hung out with had drugged food that they gave me without my knowledge, after sobering up for a few weeks I feel 100% back to normal, like I have been 99.99% of my life.

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I would just explain the situation to your psychiatrist, as you already have the diagnosis you have nothing to lose as it already exists. Tell her and see what she says, take that first step and don't let the fear of the outcome get in the way. Hope it works out for you.