No motivation to do anything

I've always been what you'd call an ambitious and motivated person. I've got qualifications and a good job but lately I feel literally zero motivation to do anything. I force myself to do what I need to but I am plagued with thoughts of “whats the point” and “why should I bother”

I used to be so motivated and have plans/goals I wanted to achieve. I used to do them but no I feel resentful that I have to. Why should I have to work to make money and then be miserable only to die and be forgotten. I understand that this is terribly depressing but its how I feel currently. Stuff I used to enjoy I now have no interest in at all. They all just seem like frivolous wastes of time.

I don't know if this is what depression is or if it is just how life is for most people. I just find it totally upsetting. I miss my passion and enthusiasm and I don't know how to get it back :(

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