I have learned much in emotional coping in terms of dealing with the CSA that has crippled me in so many things.


I have continued to suffer the psychological and emotional torture that comes from gangstalking.


I have lost someone I came to care about as a result of suicide.  She was both a CSA and gangstalking victim as well, with the added horror of being legally blind while suffering these things.


This world seems to be oriented towards so much in terms of control through oppression and suppression.  Those who wake up to it must now deal with the additional psychological load that comes with such an awakening.  I often feel that the outrageous stressors in my life will take me to an early grave.  Earlier tonight as well as in the previous weeks and months, I have felt dysfunctional things going on in my heart.  I will not seek medical treatment, hoping for an end to my sentence in this satanically controlled world...passive suicide?  Maybe, but one can only take so much.

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So sorry for your loss and the issues you are having to deal with. Best wishes x