I'm very depressed because I ruined my education. I got home tutored, but because of laziness, mental health issues and bullying from people that live near me, I didn't get/take any qualifications. I guess most of all, I was lazy and I blame myself fully for that.

I did well in school and cared about learning, but after bullying, leaving and getting home tutored, I didn't seem to care. I hate myself for it. How did I go from caring about education and the future to a waste of space?

I'm now hoping to go to college (it's not the same as USA college) and then university. It will be an access to higher education course at college as I only have level 2 - gcse equivalent qualification. I hope this will make up for the regret that is worsening my depression. I believe I was meant to be a student as I excelled academically. I believe education was the path I was meant to pursue these past years and hate that I've actually missed out and derailed my future.

I gather other people have regrets and is a big reason they're depressed. Does anyone else have a similar situation and how did they get over their regrets? If so, post and if there's any replies then thank you, if not then at least I've got to talk about an issue that bothers me.

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Hey :) I've learn that regrets and holding on to self loathing about things you should have done is pointless. All it did for me was hold me back from the things I should have done.

You are doing the right thing and the higher education course will be your first step in getting back on track, focus on that and where you need to go and don't let regrets stop you. You cannot do anything about the past, it has happened. Let it go and move on and you will find that as soon as you stop dwelling in the past you are able to fully focus on improving the present. Best wishes and best of luck with your course x