fuck dat blindisded soul gap

i look pretty, pretty to you dont i
i look nice, wouldnt harm a soul
wouldnt i

in fact i got the fucked up ednos, binge eating disorder
i look too undercover to harm myself dont i
i look too pretty to harm anybody dont i
fuck you pretty, pretty lies
i am starving of rescue, dying on food
i am collpasing emotionally that´s the true hue
im a fuck up, a failing soul that´s the blue clue
im cold and lonely despite love words of my love love
i can spill them on you
still i look too pretty to you dont i
understand what you wouldnt even overstand.

i ve got an eating disorder, not enjoying, fuelling my body and doing sports according to my pleasure. i am a stuck up piece of something, living in pain and shuttin the fuck up in order not to harm no body any more because its always other people who really suffer

i no mo! coz i look too pretty to you DONT I!!!!

who cares about the eating disorder there are serious illnesses in the world arent there!

who cares about a meandering soul when life is a brick of money to unfold isnt it!
who cares about shelter and painting the sound of silence to portray true agony when there are real health issues in hospitals right now, aren´t there!

who cares about self-harm when there is a third world who cant afford first world sheit floss. who cares about my body dismorphic fat and my bingeing after anorexic wishin no more. who cares about all that stuff because i am abnormal and i look too pretty to you dont I.

who cares about relapsing collapsing standing back up and nobody congratulating you for a fuck up genuine "normality" in this fuck up silenced world. who cares about this trialtribulation fuck up because life is worth more than weight. i look too overdoing to you dont I. who cares about true pain transcending food and the body, the soul temple, because it´s all in my fuck up world mind mind. who cares about those years of agony, who cares about me, coz i look too pretty to be hustling and strugglin hard dont I! who cares about me being concerned about my innards and my body balanced weight when there is a mother who sucks her utopian peace and a sister who hides well behind southern curtains. who cares about naked truth when there is so much to do in a day: housechores, pleasing and attending family patterns.

who cares if i look too nice to you dont I! i dont give a goddamn sheit about your so-called knowledge as long as you can´t see thru. coz there i am. and there i am bursting into messed up fuck up shouts. id love to puke. who cares about all my welled up emotional cluster coz it´s all up to me.and appointments remain in denial. and my body is way too normal i look way too pretty and standarized for you to really see, fuck up. who cares about lips melting me being a hypocrite? that ain´t true. i am a hypocrite mirror of yous! who cares about me suffering years long and wide and deep coz i am in my so-called golden years and i should be merry. who cares about chains and food realities that dont match this fast sheit reality coz i look too standard to you dont i.
who cares about individual needs to be heeded in this consumerism, old fashioned braingnashed motherhood and societyhood. UNDERSTOOD. who cares about my life it aint worth sheit as long as those pretty, pretty fucks up sore soar in the lies, lies of mother sheit. free, free me but i look too pretty invisible to you DONT I.

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