lost in the haze

I go to work everyday hoping my brain actually turns on. For a while now been in the foggy head that makes getting task done very difficult.  I think its a product of dissociation anxiety and some lingering depression, but it keeps me feeling very small and incapable.  There are moments of clarity but they are not the norm.  I recently made a huge step in living a better life by coming out as gay, there is a calmness and comfort with myself that i now have, still plenty to go but it feels good to have done it and moved forward with my life.i just dont feel part of the game of life  with my jumbled head though, feels like i can only go so far with this. It keeps me from connecting with other people also which is equally as important, people tell me they love me but just cant seem to feel it and appreciate, well thats me right now, thanks for reading. I will continue to improve and progress, focused on improving.

User Comments

hey congratulations on coming out :) that's an amazing step to take, I bet it feels amazing being able to be true to yourself. You should be really proud of that and focus on the postives about it, it can slowly help self esteem. I hope you continue down this good path.