Something Ex/To Be GF did is Weird to Me

Okay so I met this girl three years ago when I was 19, in an amazing country (island nation) both doing marine conservation, diving together all the time and it led to us being in a relationship for 6 months until she left to go back home.

I was head over heels for this girl so I kept in touch with her for pretty much a year until she got a BF when she was back home, I wasn't bothered by it too much other than missing her and annoyed I wasn't with her.

She broke up with him around 6 months later and was back talking to me and I fell for her again (i'm now at university in my home nation which literally the other side of the world). So we've been talking and stuff and she was doing an instructors course at a university. I knew she was sleeping with people casually, everyone has needs and we didn't want to be in a long distance thing but still really liked each other. Mind you at this time she was going on about how she was going to come to where I live as soon as she could and that I would also go to see her when I had the money (broke af student I am). But we also agreed not to talk about the people we sleep with since we both were getting a bit jealous!

Last week we were talking again and she accidently told me about sleeping with someone. This someone was her instructing teacher at her university. She was going on about how he used to pick on her and pay loads of attention to her work and that they slept together for a lot of the duration of her course.

I can handle her having a BF then wanting me back, I can understand her wanting to sleep with people since we all have needs and we are worlds apart right now. But for some damn reason, the whole teacher thing has A. Really freaked me out and B. I just can't understand, out of all the guys at a university she would go with a teacher? I know people do but its really bumming me out and I cant get it out of my head.

Any advice? Do I just need to forget about it and move on with her (she's planning on coming to see me in like May), need some help!

TLDR; exGF/To Be Again GF slept with people at uni which I don't mind as I did the same and we agreed on it. But she slept with her teacher and I just cant forget about it for some reason.

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